Previous Clients

“Tired of paying rent, we started searching for our first house last winter. Needless to say, we were full of doubts, fears and concerns. Our budget limitations put us in a very challenging situation: the real estate market was becoming increasingly competitive and dynamic. Besides, houses in our price range were highly sought after. When spring came, more buyers came into the game and good homes were going under contract in a matter of days, which demanded from us faster thinking and even quicker decision-making. We were glad that we chose Showcase Realty to help us in this process. Living in Charlotte for over 8 years, we had already heard and read great things about Showcase Realty and everything is true. Nancy Braun is a very successful businesswoman and an EXPERT in the real estate market. It didn’t take us more than a few minutes talking to her to realize that we were in good hands. She made us feel safe and confident. She constantly fed us with a customized list of properties that would match our budget, size and location preferences. Her agents showed us numerous properties tirelessly. As most buyers, we were concerned with physical attributes of the property like construction, size, upgrades, neighborhood, etc, but Nancy Braun gave us a different perspective, she would only recommend a house that would be a safe investment, a house that will appreciate in value and has high financial liquidity. In other words, she will not recommend a house that she can’t sell in the future. After a few weeks, we were able to find a lovely home by the lake in Pineville, NC. With Nancy’s advice, we put an offer and hoped for the best. Our offer was accepted the next day and Nancy was always with us during the whole time: visits, inspections, negotiating, you name it, we were NEVER left alone. All the house searching process and the closing procedures felt like a breeze, even for first timers like me and my wife. I cannot recommend Showcase Realty highly enough. If I were to buy a house today, I’d call Nancy Braun in a heartbeat. She cares about her customers and she will spare no efforts until they get the best deal for a house that will always be a wise investment. Thank you Nancy, for helping us make a dream come true. We feel absolutely GREAT about our purchase and we LOVE our new home! .”
-Carlos C

“We relocated down from the Northeast to embrace a new life in Charlotte. We have 2 children, one of whom has a disability. Nancy listened and understood our safety concerns regarding my daughter and the lifestyle we hoped for. We also had pets that added other considerations to the mix. Nancy definitely kept our interests in mind and protected us throughout the process. Our children have labeled Nancy as our ‘first friend from Charlotte’. We feel the same. She has given us an image of this city and of our company as one that is friendly and helpful.”
-Bill W

“We wouldn’t have made it without you. I can’t tell you how much Gary and I appreciate your help – you are one in a million. I was so worried about getting a home in Charlotte and you made it happen. You are above and beyond any of our expectations. Thank you so much for spending so much time with us and being our advocate. I know we have someone looking out for us and that means more than you know.”
-Julia S